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Upgrading to Windows 11: Points to Discuss

Welcome to Tech Tuesday!

Today we're exploring the topic of Windows 11. Depending on your business needs, upgrading to Windows 11 may be a step forward or a step back. It's crucial BEFORE upgrading to research the compatibility of mission-critical applications with Windows 11 and ensure you have a backup of your files. Vendors should be able to explain if their applications are certified for Windows 11.

As with any change in your technology, it's critical to create a good strategy for change management and plan for the risks associated with upgrading. Good communication, a good plan, and training of your workforce are keys to managing change.

Below is a list of topics to discuss within your organization to determine if you are ready to upgrade:

  1. Are applications compatible with Windows 11?

  2. How will we test our applications? Even our browser-based applications?

  3. Do we have any legacy systems that will be affected?

  4. How large is the upgrade? Can it be sent over our network?

  5. How do we train our employees on Windows 11?

  6. How will this affect devices?

  7. Let's look at our Microsoft licenses to make sure we have our employees at the right license tier?

  8. When do we upgrade?

  9. How do we roll back to Windows 10?

  10. Let's examine our security risks?

Lots of discussion points to consider when upgrading. To further complicate matters, computers are being shipped with Windows 11 already installed. How well do these new computers and operating systems play with existing hardware and software?

Here at Remedy IT, we've been helping clients with their upgrades to Windows 11. We'd love to help you upgrade your environment, create a technology strategy, or help with the change management process. Upgrades are never seamless, but there are many opportunities to grow, learn, and advance your technology with a bit of guidance.

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