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We help you grow.

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Our Mission

We're a different kind of IT company. Our mission is to set ourselves apart, by helping people use technology in a way that works for them. We are focused on results and relationships. 

We pride ourselves on quality of service. We strive to inspire more women, minorities, and neurodiverse people to join the IT industry. 

Our Values

We bring business ideas to life by creating web applications, engineering solutions for compliance, and supporting IT technologies. We help people solve problems and grow their businesses by maintaining our company values.

·   Quality service

·   Innovation

·   Collaboration

·   Diversity

·   Security

·   Reliability

·   Respect

Our Story

Remedy IT, LLC is a woman minority-owned information technology company based in Pueblo, Colorado. We've worked in different industries such as government organizations, utility companies,  tech companies, retail, medical services, emergency services, and education institutions. We are always ready to learn something new and help people achieve their business goals.

Here are a few of our skills:

  • Information Systems Management for human resource management systems, computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, customer service systems, electronic ticketing systems, and decision support systems... and more!

  • Application Development

  • Audits for State Regulation

  • Compliance for CJIS, HIPPA, and PCI

  • Business Intelligence 

  • Device Management 

  • System Administration for Windows, Linux, and IBM

  • Database Administration for SQL, Oracle, and DB2

  • Technical Project Management

Our Core Team

Our Lessons

Check out our weekly mirco lessons about IT topics.

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